Learn how to make your own natural soap and care products

Glycerina Seifenparty

Veronica Fasanelli founded Glycerina Seifenparty with the goal to bring the world of handmade soap and care products closer to others.


Discover your confident voice in English with powerful 1-1 online coaching


Vera offers unique English coaching tailormade to your specific needs fused with mindfulness. Feel inspired and motivated to reach your goals.

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Departure help-Find a art and Craft-Free settling in Call

Xpat Relocation

Marianne Blommers is experienced in relocation Help. Xpat Relocation can help you with the settling-in / Departures / finding a new home

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Vouchers & Online Courses for Job Searching & Time Management Coaching

Catherine Leduc Career Coaching & Consulting

Job searching, career management & work-life balance coaching including online courses, workshops and private coaching sessions